• What material can you bond?

    Al, AlCu, Cu, Au (for fine wires)

  • What is the smallest wire size?

    For fine wire we have 12.5 µm in production, for heavy wire we have 75 µm in production but also capable to bond 50 µm*

  • What is the biggest wire size?

    75 µm for fine wire and 600 µm for heavy wire*

  • What is the smallest ribbon?

    500 µm x 100 µm*

  • What is the biggest ribbon?

    2000 µm x 400 µm for Al ribbon and 2000 µm x 200 µm Cu ribbon*

  • What is the current capability of a wire interconnection?

    This is depending on the load time, distance and wire diameter. For a static load a 500 µm wire can carry 40A for a 6 mm long loop. For more details give us a note (Contact)

  • How fast can we get a sample?

    If we have everything in hand it takes around a week. Urgent slots available

  • How long will you support us?

    We will support you from the very first contact up to high volume production (24/7). We will bond your products as long as your line is running in production or we should discuss production service for you, give us a note (link)

  • I´m afraid to share data with you, because you are also working for some competitors?!?

    We will never share any data with someone else. Your benefit is that we are familiar with a lot of similar applications. Therefore we know how to improve your product without copying anything.

  • Will you really deliver a ready-to-run production solution?

    We will even do more. We can train your staff on your machine, on your product while we install the next equipment onsite. You can get well trained operators ready to run your product on your machine without an expensive learning curve.

  • What do you mean with belt?

    According to the Six Sigma definition we use belts as a level of education (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_Sigma). Yellow belt is the basic level for operators and beginners. Green belt is the second level of education and with this you are familiar with the machine and can work with it in most cases. The black belt is highest level of education and proves that you are an absolute expert for your equipment and capable to train your staff on your own or solve the most issues without contacting us.

*others on request

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