• 18650: Round battery cell, diameter 18,6 mm, length 65,2 mm
  • 20700: Round battery cell, diameter 20 mm, length 70 mm
  • 21700: Round battery cell, diameter 21 mm, length 70 mm
  • Al: Aluminum
  • AlCu: Aluminum / copper alloys
  • BMB: Battery Management Board
  • BMS: Battery Management System
  • CoO: Cost of Ownership
  • DVS 2811: Test Procedures for Wire Bonded Joints
  • HBK: Heavy WIre Bondhead
  • JEDEC: (Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council)
    Standards for complete microelectronics, semiconductor components
  • LED: Light-emitting diode
  • MES: Manufacturing Executions System
  • MIL-Std 883: The MIL-STD-883 standard establishes uniform methods, controls, and procedures
    for testing microelectronic devices
  • Ni: Nickel
  • PCB: Printed Circuit Board
  • PiQC: Process integrated Quality Control
  • PLC: Programmable logic controller
  • QR Code/2D-Code: Quick-response code which consists of pattern of black and white squares
  • RBK: Ribbon Bondhead
  • RFID: Radio Frequency Identification
  • SECS/GEM: Integrated standardized server connection for automation and communication
  • SMEMA: Mechanical Equipment Interface Standard
  • TwinCAT®: (The Windows Control and Automation Technology)
    Integrated operation in machine control
  • VDA: German Association of the Automotive Industry